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The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment

1st Battalion Catterick

2nd Battalion Episkopi Cyprus

4th Battalion Territorial Army Infantry NW

Regimental Headquarters Telephone Numbers, email addresses, etc.

Regimental Association Including Kings Own Royal Border Regiment Association Branches

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These links were working as at 7 November 2009 but if they have been changed by their owners and you want to find them our best advice is to Google them. If you then find their new address do please let us know so we change our links on this page.


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Sgts Mess Reunion Website

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Glider Links
A page on this website with a list of links to Glider related websites throughout the world. One of the unique heritages of the Kings Own Royal Border Regiment is that it is one of the few Regiments to have flown into battle in gliders. As a result of this all ranks wear the glider badge on their right shoulder.
KORBR Sergeants Mess Reunion
This website has now been discontinued.

The official Kings Own Royal Border Regiment Website.
This website has now been superseeded by The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment website which we are proud to support and link to.

Kings Own Royal Border Regiment Museum Carlisle
This is the museum of the Border Regiment and The Kings Own Royal Border Regiment.
It is the place to contact if you want any information about the Regiments history or anyone who served in it.

Kings Own Royal Regiment Chapel Lancaster Priory
Photos of the Priory, Colours, stained glass, and a History of the Regiment.
Kings Own Royal Regiment Museum Lancaster
The museum, established in 1929, tells the history of the King's Own Royal Regiment (4th Foot) from 1680 to 1959 when the Regiment was amalgamated with the Border Regiment to form today's King's Own Royal Border Regiment.

Admission to the museum, located within Lancaster City Museum, is free. The museum is open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm except for the period between Christmas and New Year.

Kings Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster) 1914 - 1918
Comprehensive details of the Regiment during the First World War
The Border Regiment
Comprehensive details of the Regiment during the First World War
The Memorial Gates Trust (Historical details of the war in Burma)
When you go home, tell them of us, and say: For your tomorrow, we gave our today. Kohima War Memorial.

National Service Memoirs
Of Alan Parkinson.  This website contains my army and military experiences whilst serving in the Kings Own Royal Border Regiment as a national serviceman in the Cameroons and also contains the true story of my time training from Fulwood to Barnard Castle to the Cameroons and back to Barnard Castle.

Under 'Your Stories' there is a memoire by Drum Major Paul Maxwell, KORBR. If you read this Paul we would like to copy it to this website.
2nd Battalion the Border Regiment (USA)
The second Battalion the Border Regiment strives to recreate a typical British battalion during the period of the First World War. The membership hails mostly from the greater Chicago and Milwaukee areas, with members also residing in Indiana and other parts of Wisconsin. We re-enact at the Great War Memorial Site in Newville, Pennsylvania.Company of Select Marksmen (USA)
We are the recreated Colonel John Campbell's Canadian Indian Department and Captain Alexander Fraser's Company of Select Marksmen, as well as Captain David de Monin’s Company of Rangers—all together, we portray Colonel Campbell’s “Corps of Savages.” Our goal is to work closely with museums, research organizations, and historic sites to present the most accurate possible portrayal of the life of the common soldier in the frontier war fought on the Lakes and through the Adirondacks.
List of interesting Military Websites
A list of useful and interesting Military websites provided by Dave Davies, ex-Royal Engineers. Some of these links have exceptionally good picture galleries covering a wide range of interesting topics.
Brits in Cancun (Visit Mexico)

Click the flags to see what you are missing

All members of the Navy, Army & Air Force, Regular, Reservist or Territorial should be able to find their dream holiday here. From an R&R weekend to a full two week all inclusive package. This site caters for all budgets. Whether you require Five Star Luxury or Two Star cheap & cheerful you'll find them all here.

Al Mason who runs this holiday outfit was the Movement Controller in BATSUB Belize when Kings Own Royal Border did their Jungle Course, so he is well known to many of our officers & men.

Al emailed the website and said "

I would appreciate the link to your site, As I can offer cut prices on almost everything that Cancun & the Riviera Maya has to offer."

Kind Regards
Al Mason    Archives   Archives   Archives   Archives

Ensign Franc McGuires Chatroom
Another old hand has started a Message Box. Good place to give it some wellie!

Another Kings Own Royal Border Regiment Website
The website manager is Billy Cowpland ex A Company. This site is Sponsored by Billy Fitzgeralds ( Ex A Company and Signals Platoon )
Chindit Company Website
This website has been discontinued but will be resurrected by Charlie in the near future.
A new and embryonic website being created by Chalie Magyar. Focussed on Chindit Company but of interest to all the Regimental Family and well worth a visit.

Save The Regiments Website
A brilliant website. Well organised and has a lot of backing from some dedicated people.

Save The Kings Website
The King's are setting an example to all of us. Visit their Save The Kings website and get inspired. Unfortunately this website doesn't appear to have been updated recently and concentrates on the London Rally but it is still worth a visit.

Visit this website to find out all about the London "Save The Regiments" Rally and March. Plenty of useful information and links.

Save the Scotish Regiments Website
The Jocks have got it right. Visit their website and be amazed at what we in the rest of the United Kingdom are NOT being told about the situation in the Armed Forces. Visit their website and get plenty of free ammunition to email to the Press and the Establishment.

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